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Gaden, Georgia, University of Calgary
Gallagher, Therese
Gamboa González, Vanessa (Australia)
Gandolfi, Enrico, Kent State University (United States)
Garcia, D. Linda, Georgetown University (United States)
Gardner, Keith
Gardner, Michelle, Florida Institute of Government, University of Central Florida (United States)
Garnier, Marion, SKEMA Business School - Univ Lille Nord de France (France)
Gately, Paul, Imperial College London Leeds Metropolitan University
Ge, Xin, University of Northern British Columbia (Canada)
Gee, James Paul, Arizona State University (United States)
Gelissen, Jean H.A., Philips Research (Netherlands)
Gelissen, Jean H.A., Philips Research, Lifestyle Program (Netherlands)
Geraerts, Roland, Utrecht University, department of Information and Computing Sciences (Spain)
Gerstein, Jackie, Kaplan University, Argosy University (United States)
Gil Ortega, Maria del Carmen, University of the West of England (United Kingdom)
Gilbert, Richard L, Loyola Marymount University (United States)
Gillam, Lee, Dr. (United Kingdom)
Gilmore, Anthony, Nameless Films, LLC (United States)
Giovacchini, Elia, Utrecht University (Netherlands)
Gleason, Sean Philip, Ohio University (United States)
Goel, Lakshmi, University of North Florida, Coggin College of Business (United States)
Golz, Paul, University of Worcester (United Kingdom)
Graham, Joseph Michael, Independent (United States)
Grant, Scott, Monash University (Australia)
Grant, Scott John, Monash University, Australia
Grantham, John, Systems Plus, Gaithersburg, Maryland (United States)
Grantham, John D., Systems Plus (United States)
Grantham, John, Systems Plus (United States)
Greeves, William, MuniGov2.0 (United States)
Gregory, Sue, School of Education University of New England (Australia)
Gualeni, Stefano, Institute of Digital Games - University of Malta (Malta)
Gui, Dean Anthony Fabi, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
Gulyás, Emese, Association of Conscious Consumers (Hungary)
Guzman, Indira, Trident University (United States)

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