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Dahlsveen, Heidi, slo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences Faculty of technology, art and design (Norway)
Damer, Bruce, President and CEO, DigitalSpace Corporation, Founder, Contact Consortium (United States)
Danforth, Douglas R, The Ohio State University (United States)
Darzi, Ara, Imperial College London
Davidson, Giselle (United States)
Davis, Donna Z., University of Oregon (United States)
de Castell, Suzanne, University of Ontario Institute of Technolgoy (Canada)
de Castell, Suzanne (Canada)
de Castell, Suzanne, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
de Paoli, Stefano, Department of Sociology and NIRSA, National University of Ireland Maynooth (Ireland)
De Paoli, Stefano, Abertay University Dundee (UK) (United Kingdom)
de Vreede, Gert-Jan, The Center for Collaboration Science,University of Nebraska at Omaha (United States)
de Zwart, Melissa, Law School, University of South Australia (Australia)
de Zwart, Melissa, University of Adelaide (Australia)
Dean, Elizabeth, RTI International (United States)
Dechow, Douglas R, Chapman University (United States)
deGast-Kennedy, Kathryn, Loyalist College (Canada)
Demchak, Chris C., Strategic Research Department, US Naval War College (United States)
Denis, Alexandre, LORIA (UMR 7503) / University of Lorraine (France)
DeWester, David, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (United States)
Dezso, Zoltan, 3Di Inc, Japan (Japan)
Dibbel, Julian (United States)
dos Santos, Renato P., ULBRA - Brazilian Lutheran University (Brazil)
Dowland, Paul, University of Plymouth (United Kingdom)
Duclos, Leslie K., University of Northern Iowa (United States)
Duffy, Peter, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
Dumitrica, Delia, University of Calgary
Duval, Thierry, IRISA Rennes (France)

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