Vol 9, No 2 (2016)

Assembled 2016 Part 2

This issue, as with all JVWR assembled issues, aimed at highlighting the diversity of issues of virtual and real worlds. 

Three of the five articles chosen for this Assembled issue are concerned with questions related to the body, specially the gendered body, but each brings a different perspective: YouTube channels that revolves around gender, race and ethnicity; gender issues through avatar choice, appearance and identification; and the potential of a union between virtual technologies and body image.

The other two articles discuss questions related to user generated content: links between creation, consumption and motivation in digital environments; and a methodology for the identification of relationships between networks of individuals.

Table of Contents

Issue Editors' Corner

Suely Fragoso, Maria del Carmen Gil Ortega, Athanasios G. Malamos

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Samara M Anarbaeva
Barbara Maria Mitra, Paul Golz
Sean Philip Gleason
Peter Nagy, Bernadett Koles
Janea Triplet, Andrew Harrison, Brian Mennecke, Akmal Mirsadikov