Rising to the Challenge of Virtual in the Age of COVID-19: The Macro Framework of Three New Normals (3NN)

Yesha Y. Sivan


Following COVID-19, virtual technologies, theory and practice, are now core. Thus, our JVWR community is called upon to provide guidance, and we are required to collectively think and do. To jump-start this call for leadership, we present the 3NN framework (three new normals) to meet the mental challenge of the COVID-19 black swan and provide a strategic direction. Using the framework, and based on individual internal risk appetite and external market conditions, one should estimate the relative time each New Normal will take. Then, you or your organization must choose how to lead. For that, we provide a three-pronged tactic: defense, offense, difference.*

*(Yesha’s note: I dedicate this paper to the memory of Avishai Friedman, my beloved almost-twin cousin. We share a similar name following our grandfather, and an intellectual passion for thinking and doing. I am already missing his kind smile.)


Dark Side; COVID-19; coronavirus; 3NN; New Normal; Virtual Framework;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4101/jvwr.v13i1.7411

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