Immersive Storytelling in 360-Degree Videos: An Analysis of Interplay Between Narrative and Technical Immersion


  • Ahmed Elmezeny University of Augsburg
  • Nina Edenhofer University of Augsburg
  • Jeffrey Wimmer University of Augsburg



360-degree videos, content analysis, narrative immersion, narrative presence, storytelling, technical immersion


Three-hundred-and-sixty-degree videos are an innovative video format, and due to various narrative and technical aspects, they allow audiences to be deeply immersed in their content. Through an explorative, qualitative content analysis (and parts of narrative analysis) aspects of immersion were explored in various 360-degree videos. Our results give an overview of multiple immersive factors in 360-degree storytelling and the interplay of narrative and technical aspects of immersion. Technical immersion manifests through cues to direct the viewer

Author Biographies

  • Ahmed Elmezeny, University of Augsburg

    Ahmed Elmezeny is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Augsburg

  • Nina Edenhofer, University of Augsburg
    Nina Edenhofer is a student assistant and graduate of the Masters program in Media and Communication Science at the University of Augsburg.
  • Jeffrey Wimmer, University of Augsburg

    Dr. Jeffrey Wimmer is professor for communication science with emphasis on media reality at the University of Augsburg, Germany. His main research interests are sociology of media communication, digital games and virtual worlds, public and counterpublic spheres, mediatisation and participation. Jeffrey Wimmer fulfilled several empirical studies and published widely on the link between digital media, appropriation and public spheres. From 2009 to 2015 he was chairing the ECREA-section






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