Lindman Design - Virtual World Experiences

Ludvaig Lindman


Below you find a short summary of the paper Iʻd like to write. I chose these
topics very careful, in order to make sure, I can provide proper information on
them. If you have any suggestions or youʻd be interested in specific
information on whatever topic listed below, feel welcome to contact me any
time. Thanks again for the chance to share my experience.
➡ Background information on Lindman Design.
➡ Creating a virtual company with zero knowledge.
➡ Learning and understanding economy of a virtual world.
➡ Becoming a developer and making successful products
➡ SL/RL - How metaverse platforms influence a developerʻs personal life.
➡ Virtual worlds spin faster - SL economy between 2007 and 2009 from a
developerʻs point of view.

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