Gamecloud - A Platform for Connecting Video Games

Janne Parkkila, Kati Järvi, Timo Hynninen, Jouni Ikonen, Jari Porras


The growing video game markets, especially the mobile market, have caused problems in terms of new game products being found by players. Cross-promotion and in-game advertising have been used to promote video games inside each other. However, the digital nature of video games as an interactive medium enables deeper collaboration between video games, and could be used in a more profound manner. We interviewed Finnish video game companies to understand if they were interested in creating deeper collaboration between their game products, and how such collaboration could take place. Based on the results, we built a platform called Gamecloud for connecting games together. We present the platform architecture and demonstrate it in use, with examples of connecting games with other games and connecting games with the real world, alongside an example of physical exercising.


video games; interoperability; platform design; architecture; linking games; developer interview; connecting games

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