The Metaverse as Mediator between Technology, Trends, and the Digital Transformation of Society and Business

Sven-Volker Rehm, Lakshmi Goel, Mattia Crespi


In this reflective article we discuss the potential of recent developments in virtual worlds for offering novel value propositions for the digital transformation of society and business. In particular, we consider the role of a Metaverse, understood as a globally accessible 3D virtual space and computing infrastructure—and today still a conceptual vision—as a mediator between technology trends and societal and business applications. We outline how current technology trends can be linked with high-value added application scenarios through the Metaverse as a mediating design space. Our insights project both a push effect, i.e. novel technologies fostering radical shifts in society and business, as well as a pull effect, i.e. radical ideas stimulating technology developments. Leveraging both effects for creating high-value added applications however, requires an integrated, mediating design space, which can potentially be obtained through advances of virtual worlds towards a Metaverse.


Metaverse; technology trends; value proposition; societal impact; business impact

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