The Influences of User Experience, Aesthetics and Psychology in the Design Process of 3D Avatars (Theoretical model)

Thomas Photiadis, Nicos Souleles


This paper introduces a theoretical model that combines three theoretical factors which – it is argued - significantly contribute to the operation of designing 3D avatars. These factors are aesthetics, user-experience and psychology. The aim of the report is to put forward new ideas on what informs the design operation of 3D avatars. An additional reason for the creation of this theoretical model is to simplify the procedure of 3D avatars design, while at the same time comprehending the influence of aesthetics, user-experience and psychology. The paper provides an overview of existing research on aesthetics, user experience and psychology and how these can inform 3D avatars design procedure. As with all theoretical models, this one too needs further testing; a set of future research questions are posed.


Human-Computer Aesthetics, User Experience, Psychology, Avatars

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