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  • Joseph Michael Graham Independent
  • Eva Comaroski Wizardry and Steamworks



virtual worlds, secondlife, libraries, education, cloud, data synchronization, distributed systems


Virtual worlds are development platforms, similar to sandbox games where users are able to interact with each other with no predefined goal. Due to immersive visual feedback, these platforms have been successfully used in the past to create lesson plans and materials used for undergraduate and, graduate education as well as for

Author Biographies

  • Joseph Michael Graham, Independent
    Joseph Graham is currently an independent researcher and builder, and a novice scriper on Second Life and OpenSim virtual platforms. He has over 3 years of experience with using Linden-based virtual world platforms, and has assisted groups in both Second Life and OpenSim with their construction projects. His interests include literature and arts studies, and his primary interests in Linden platforms are building and texture work.
  • Eva Comaroski, Wizardry and Steamworks
    Eva Comaroski is a Computer Scientist creating scripts, builds, automated clients and other devices in Second Life as well as working on portable creations for OpenSim. She has published several papers, in collaboration with other researchers, on content that can be used in education by using virtual worlds as a development platform. Her interests include software engineering, cellular automata and formal methods.


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