Procedural Modeling for Realistic Virtual Worlds Development


  • Pedro Brand FEUP/DEI, INESC Porto
  • Ant Coelho FEUP/DEI, INESC Porto



Virtual Urban Environments, Procedural Modeling, Shape Grammars, Spatial Engines


The creation of virtual environments, corresponding to real world settings, constitutes one of the most important, but also most time and resource demanding processes in content development for virtual worlds. By querying real-world data sources, the building process can be automated, reducing the need for human intervention. However, these may present additional management difficulties due to their number, dimension, format or level of detail, therefore requiring specific techniques to operate on them. This paper describes the application of a procedural modeling solution, called PG3D System, on the creation of realistic virtual urban environments and their employ in virtual world applications. This system's implementation in spatial database management systems induces fast data access, large data manipulation features, complex query capabilities and format flexibility, allowing the fast creation of large scale virtual environments, imbued with optimized data structures, compatible with any digital game, custom modeling tool or metaverse platform.