Puzzles as a Creative Form of Play in Metaverse

Cristiano Natal Tonéis


The present study invites us for an ontological reflection about the close relationship between the logical-mathematical reasoning developed through the existence and experience in the puzzles into metaverse and creativity or creative thinking. For that reason, we seek to focus on the epistemological character of the puzzles in the metaverse and intrinsic creativity of metaverse as a natural process to be developed and not a privilege of few persons. Encourage creative processes through the digital universe - metaverse - and the use of heuristic construction for problem solving and openness to lateral thinking. Encourage creativity, creative and original thinking, which lead us to a new way of playing, the way of puzzles.


creativity, creative thinking, mathematical logic, puzzle, games, metaverse

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4101/jvwr.v4i1.1901

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