An Ecology of Embodied Interaction: Pedagogy and homo virtualis


  • Leslie Jarmon University of Texas at Austin



virtual world, Second Life, embodiment, co-presence, virtual learning environment, pedagogy, education, homo virtualis



Author Biography

  • Leslie Jarmon, University of Texas at Austin
    Leslie Jarmon, Ph.D. is a Faculty Development Specialist at the University of Texas at Austin with the Division for Instructional Innovation and Assessment. She has designed and taught graduate level courses since 1998 with the Office of Graduate Studies. Dr. Jarmon is perhaps best known for creating the world's first multimedia digital dissertation to be accepted entirely on CD-ROM in 1996. She is a leader in the university's entry into virtual world environments, specifically Second Life (SL), and she is co-founder of the Educators Coop, a virtual residential community of interdisciplinary educators, researchers, and librarians from around the world ( Leslie has published research papers and presented at numerous conferences on education and virtual worlds, including the American Sociological Association, the American Educational Research Association, and the New Media Consortium Symposium on Creativity. She served three years as outreach coordinator for UT