Virtual Hybrid Communications


  • Vincent Verdot Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs
  • Adel Saidi Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs



More and more people dive into Virtual Worlds, experiencing the reality of parallel universes in almost every sector. Moreover, these virtual environments actually generate "real money" directly but also indirectly by selling virtual goods. Yet the current landscape consists in a huge number of siloed Virtual Worlds. We believe that addressing this lack of interoperability could greatly improve the user experience, ease the deployment of new worlds and open up market opportunities.

Bell Labs' Applications domain is contributing with Virtual Hybrid Communications, a mature Web technology based on communication hyperlinks that enables the bridging of real and virtual worlds. This technology allows people to remain connected to legacy telecom infrastructures wherever they are (in real or virtual) and to safely expose their communication means without disclosing any personal detail (name, phone number, etc). Thanks to open and standard API, it will also allow virtual service providers and Telecom operators to provide efficient communication solutions and innovative services.