Improving Reusability of Assets for Virtual Worlds while Preserving 3D Formats Features


  • Rozenn Bouville Berthelot Orange / IRISA Rennes
  • Thierry Duval IRISA Rennes
  • J Royan Orange Rennes
  • Bruno Arnaldi IRISA Rennes



We propose a generic architecture that allows mixing several 3D formats in a single viewer whatever the rendering engine used by the virtual world. Our goal is to solve the issue raised by the multiplicity of 3D formats and rendering engines through an interoperability solution inspired by the web model.

Our architecture relies on the Scene Graph Adapter, a component which aims at interfacing communication between virtual world inputs (e.g. 3D files) and outputs (e.g. the interactive visualization window). For this purpose, the Scene Graph Adapter is made up of two APIs that leverages similarities between 3D formats and 3D rendering engines, the Format Adapter API and the Renderer Adapter API.