Questions and Answers in a Virtual World : Educators and Librarians as Information Providers in Second Life


  • Lorri Mon Florida State University



Second Life, distance education, virtual reference


The education community in Second Life has grown rapidly since the launch of the virtual world by Linden Labs in 2003, with an influx of universities, colleges, and libraries seeking land on the digital frontier to build campuses, libraries, and educational workspaces. However, these new virtual educational settings have also challenged educators and librarians to adapt or to innovate new ways of providing information for learners. This peer reviewed research study explores the varying roles that educators and librarians fulfill in Second Life, examining techniques they have evolved for teaching, providing information, and answering questions within a virtual world. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 12 educators and librarians who worked within a variety of virtual world education settings including colleges, universities, and academic and public libraries, as well as

Author Biography

  • Lorri Mon, Florida State University
    Lorri Mon is an Assistant Professor at Florida State University's College of Information.






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