Second Life and Classical Music Education: Developing Iconography That Encourages Human Interaction


  • David Thomas Schwartz CEO, Music Academy Online, Inc.



classical music education


Since January 2007, Music Academy Online , a web-based business dedicated to generating interest in classical music, has been developing a

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  • David Thomas Schwartz, CEO, Music Academy Online, Inc.
    David Schwartz, Founder and CEO of Music Academy Online, received his Ph.D. in composition from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he studied with William Kraft. While music has always been a central part of his life, he did not receive a formal music education until he was in his early twenties. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Tulane University, he earned a Bachelor of Music in theory and composition from the College of Music, Loyola University of New Orleans, where he studied composition with Sylvia Pengilly and Stephen Dankner. He went on to receive a Master of Music in composition from Cleveland State University where he was a student of Greg D






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