Canadian Border Simulation at Loyalist College


  • Ken Hudson Loyalist College
  • Kathryn deGast-Kennedy Loyalist College



Second Life, Loyalist college, border simulation, applied training


The aim of this paper is to describe the process and results of a Canadian border simulation run in Second Life for students at Loyalist College. Recent security restrictions at the Canadian border limit access for college students to serve their placement at the actual border, thus eliminating the possibility of first hand experience. Additionally, in class role-plays designed to practice border interview skills were not adequate to instill the interview process. Using Second Life to simulate the border environment and procedures allows students access to a simulated real life environment, and provides them with the sufficient real world practice they require to grasp and retain essential interview skills. The results of this learning experience translated into greater levels of confidence and significantly improved grades.

Author Biographies

  • Ken Hudson, Loyalist College
    Ken Hudson, Managing Director, Virtual World Design Centre, Loyalist College. Ken Hudson established the Second Life program at Loyalist College and has led all of the virtual world projects at the college so far. He is the founder of the Canadian Educators in Second Life group. Ken was educated at the University of Toronto and at the Institute for the Psychological Study of the Arts (UF). He is a Senior Fellow at the Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto.
  • Kathryn deGast-Kennedy, Loyalist College
    Kathryn deGast-Kennedy, Professor, Centre for Justice Studies, Loyalist College. Kathryn is the Coordinator of the Customs and Immigration option within the Center for Justice Studies at Loyalist College. She has an undergraduate degree from Queens University, a Bachelor of Education in Adult Learning from Brock University, and is a candidate for her Masters of Arts in Education from Central Michigan University. Prior to joining the College she was employed as a Border Service Officer with Canada Border Services Agency for 28 years.






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