Avatars as the First Manifestation of Geo-politically Unconstrained Global Citizens


  • Randy J. Hinrichs 2b3d




Avatars, global citizens


Developing the appropriate behaviors and competencies to integrate into society is a crucial test for any concept of citizenship1. Virtual society today is a connected community of global citizens thriving across multiple platforms and social networks. People are dispersed geographically, culturally and politically and are unconstrained by whom they interact with and why they interact. In virtual worlds, the borders are fluid and physically unconstrained. The personal surrogate encoded as an avatar can move about freely and participate in dynamic, multiple states at the same time. The avatar is valued more for his performance, skill and abilities in the context of the virtual world, rather than by his race, pay grade or political affiliation. The avatar is empowered with self prescribed roles and responsibilities and is emerging into a new kind of sovereign world, bursting out as the first manifestation of a geo-politically unconstrained global citizen.